Own article about the building integrated photovoltaic in the magazine ARCHITEKTURA murator | Poland

Project published in the magazine Lakaskultura | Hungary

Project in the German magazine HÄUSER

Own article about recycling in architecture in ARCHITEKTURA murator | Warsaw | Poland

Winner in the international competition ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2020 for the project Give-the-wood-a-second-chance House near Warsaw

Winner ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2020 in the category Urban Design Concept for Solar Skywalks for Beijing

ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2020 – Runner-Up foe WORMHUSE in the category Residential Concept

WINNER in The Chicago Athenaeum competition Green GOOD DESIGN 2020 | USA for Solar Skywalks for Beijing

Honourable Mention in the international competition GOLDEN TREZZINI in St. Petersburg | Russia

Author’s chapter in the book ARCHITEKTURA ENERGOAKTYWNA edited by Dr. hab. Anna Bać | University of Science and Technology in Wroclaw | Poland

Jury member in the competition for the Best Architecture 2019-2020 in the Cracow Region Award | Poland

FIRST AWARD in international World Design Awards 2020