Project published in the book NEW INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE – Global Design + Urbanism XX | USA

Published in the Korean magazine ARCHITECTURE & CULTURE | South Korea

Co-Editor of the book DESIGN EDUCATES | Germany

Project published in the German magazine XIA by AIT

Own article about the building integrated photovoltaic in the magazine ARCHITEKTURA murator | Poland

Project published in the magazine Lakaskultura | Hungary

Project in the German magazine HÄUSER

Own article about recycling in architecture in ARCHITEKTURA murator | Warsaw | Poland

Author’s chapter in the book ARCHITEKTURA ENERGOAKTYWNA edited by Dr. hab. Anna Bać | University of Science and Technology in Wroclaw | Poland

Comprehensive publication in magazine MURATOR | Poland

Project in the book HÄUSER DES JAHRES | Germany

Project publication in the book DEKALOG DOBREJ PRZESTRZENI | Poland